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Aluminium Hinged Doors

SA Aluminium hinged doors come in various shapes and sized. The large pane door is popular in corporate offices and looks very smart in an office environment. Vinyl frosting can be applied to allow for more privacy. The Cape Victorian door is less formal and more traditional. It is more often used for residential homes and apartment blocks. The Classic hinged door is an all rounder and can be used anywhere you like and still looks as good as the others. Our Louvre door provides excellent privacy and is ideal as an exterior door with the added security and privacy feature. The stable door is also known as a back door or kitchen door is split in the middle. The top half and bottom half open and close independently of each other.

Aluminium hinged doors

All of the above mentioned aluminium hinged doors come in single or double configurations. Aluminium French doors are essentially double doors and a double frame which open outwards or inwards from the centre. We install a large amount ofthis type of door in office environments as they provide a professional feel to boardrooms and other large rooms. French doors are also very popular in residential applications. You will often see french doors leading out onto entertainment areas or gardens.

Double doors come in various designs and sizes.  The best quality hardware is supplied with your aluminium double door. Hardware that includes extra large hinges. These extra large hinges allow the doors to open 180 degrees. The doors are kept in place with a hook.

Aluminium French doors provide a bigger walkway than single doors and therefore joining two rooms becomes easy when using this type of door which is typically 2 metres wide. This door allows more light into a room and they are also weatherproof, providing a locked seal when closed. Our aluminium French doors are AAAMSA and SABS approved. All glazing complies with SANS part N

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aluminium hinged doors