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Aluminium Windows

Aluminium windows have become the window of choice for most residential, commercial and industrial applications. They are maintenance free thereby saving time and money and are also aesthetically easy on the eye. The aluminium profiles are also very easy to clean. Most residential homes windows are being replaced with aluminium to add value to the home and add a modern touch. Our factory manufactures a big range of quality and affordable windows suitable for most applications.

Windows come in 4 different basic types. Namely, top hung, side hung, sliding and vistafold. Top and side hung windows come in varying sizes, shapes and styles. They are available in a 30.5mm or 36mm casement. Burglar deterrent bars are also available as an optional extra. Sliding windows are avaiable in 2,3 or 4 panel options. Sliding windows come in 2 different styles namely, vertical or horizontal sliding windows. Horizontal sliding windows are the most popular and come in 5 different ranges… the 500 series, Elite, 1000 series, palace multi and palace multi with Y-louvre insert. Please visit our aluminium windows and doors prices page for drawings and specifications of our range.

Double glazed aluminium windows

Double glazed windows are windows which essentially have two panes of glass which are separated by a spacer. This double glazing acts as a barrier between the outside and inside which has numerous advantages such as making your home way more energy efficient since it reduces the amount of energy needed to either heat up the home or cool it. Noise is kept to a minimum and light sleepers or people wanting a peaceful environment are quite happy with this technology which is becoming increasingly popular

Sometimes, double glazed windows are filled with gas inside the cavity which increases the barrier from outside to inside. At SA Aluminium we manufacture a wide range of double glazed windows to suit every need. These windows are often used to keep out noise. However, SA Aluminium manufactures a range of windows glazed with sound proof glass. This is single glass normally 8.76mm designed to keep out noise. Kindly see below for more information or visit Smart Glass

aluminium sound proof windows

aluminium windows