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Aluminium Folding Windows

Aluminium folding windows are windows which stack or fold neatly to the side to create a wider opening window space. These windows come glazed in our three glass options namely Clear, Low E and Clear SIG units. They are also know as stacking windows or vistafold windows. Our folding windows come in heights of 900mm, 1200mm or 1500mm. The lengths start at 1800mm and increase every 300mm until a max length of 4500mm. Add a Y louvre insert to your window and add an extra security barrier to your windows and act a an elegant shutter too. These are comprised of 3 panels, 5 panels or 6 panels. The 3 and 5 panel will usually fold to one side while the 6 panel will fold both ways from the centre. We manufacture 2 types of folding windows, namely the vista fold and the vista duo fold

Vista fold aluminium folding windows

These windows meet the upmarket standards and are very tough and durable due to their design. When the window is folded and stacked, it creates maximum amount of opening and are ideal for serving areas and between kitchens and dining rooms and entertainment areas. These windows are ideal for interior and exterior sections of the home and can be opened from both sides. They can stack to one side or both sides as well

Vista duo fold

This window is similar to the vista fold but is designed for narrower openings and can be manufactured in 2 panels only. The vista duo fold has access internally only. Therefore, it is much more secure and reduces the risk of forced entry from the outside. The active leaf does not open outwards and this type of window is perfect for higher floors.

Whichever type of sliding window you prefer, our range of vista fold and vista duo fold doors will definitely impress you. We can make your home modern with our sleek aluminium product as well as our bulkhead ceilings and drywall systems. Call our office now for a rep to come and assess your requirements. For more information on our partner company, please visit SA Drywall

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