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Aluminium sliding windows

Our aluminium sliding windows come in two different types, horizontal sliding and vertical sliding. Both configurations work really well. The vertical sliding is used more for residential buildings while the horizontal sliding windows are found mostly in commercial settings.

Horizontal sliding windows

These windows come in four different options. The 500 series, elite, 1000 series, palace multi and palace multi with Y-louvre insert. The 500 series comes in 2 and 4 panel options as well as clear glass or Low E glass which is a bit more expensive but more energy efficient. Widths very between 900mm and 3600mm and heights are between 600mm and 1200mm.

Elite sliding windows are generally bigger than the 500 series and have 2,3 or 4 panel options. They are not only wider… ranging from 900mm to 4800mm. They are also higher, ranging from 600mm to 1500mm in height. All the panels in the 500 series and elite range slide.

The 1000 series share the same available sizes as the elite series. However, a panel height of 1800mm is available on request. The palace multi sliding window has the same sizes available as the 1000 series and the difference is that the palace sliding window is the best looking window of the range and has bigger aluminium profiles designed for strength and aesthetics. This type of sliding window has the option of a Y-louvre insert which adds security and privacy to the building thereby enhancing the overall value of the property.

Vertical sliding

Vertical aluminium sliding windows come in widths of 600mm, 900mm and 1200mm. Heights are either 900mm, 1200mm and 1500mm. They are available in either Clear or Low E glass.

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aluminium sliding windows